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Monday, July 18, 2011

UMP : Presentation about my uniqueness pecha kucha

When I see my friend presenting their own uniqueness , I feel "WOW , amazing .. I hope mine could be like them" .. The most attract me is Saren presentation .. Well , his presentation was simple but full with meaning and his language is AWESOME .. SALUTE YOU BRO !! When I see others presentation ( well I was nearly last , about 5th last I think ) , it is good compare to me as 'gagap' when I start to speak .. 

It is hard to explain what I want to explain in English because , since UPSR , PMR and until SPM , my English never get A+ .. only A- I had score it when I was form 4 .. That is the first and the last I got A for English subject .. So many thing that I had do to make my English getting better better and better .. But when I start speak for my uniqueness , I am became speechless and my throat getting hot ... Yeah , I admit that I feel nervous so much .. I could not look at my friend at all because of my nervous .. WOW , this only the first presentation in English .. Who know after this , I need to present in front of 100 people maybe .. 

For the final slide , actually I am gonna to cry .. The last slide is about 'bendang' or 'sawah' .. I am love paddy field .. It make me peaceful and relaxing .. =.=" I do miss kedah and penang so much .. Mine is in kedah , but my GF and friends are in penang .. 

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